Located on the banks of the River Wharfe in the picturesque market town of Wetherby, the Wetherby Castlegarth Tennis Club with 5 All Weather Floodlit Courts provides an ideal setting for any tennis player. We are a friendly club, enjoying a thriving membership and welcome players of all abilities. Our subscriptions are very reasonable, details of which can be found here and we have a particularly active junior section supported by our full time coach Angela Crossley.

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If you would like anymore information on the club, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you want to provide the club with any feedback, please download our ‘feedback form’ here.

Many thanks to all members who have respected the restrictions the Club has currently been operating under. Your compliance is appreciated, and reflects well on our Club to those in the community who monitor our compliance.

The Wetherby Castlegarth Tennis Club (WCTC) Committee have reviewed the Government statements (Thursday 28th May) and the subsequent updated LTA guidance of a safe return to restricted tennis play issued today 31st May 2020, and we are content to consequently update our rules for play from 1st June 2020. Members will continue to play at their at their own risk, and with the easing of restrictions for play, comes the members responsibility for adhering to the Government/LTA advice and the WCTC rules for play.

As a reminder, only members (not visitors sorry at this stage) who have pre-booked a court online, are allowed to play currently. As previously, do not leave your home to play tennis if Government advice means you should stay at home because you or someone you live with has, or has had, symptoms of COVID-19.

Both singles and doubles play is now permitted with people from outside of your household as long as you remain 2 metres apart as far as possible. This means that four people from different households can now play doubles. You may consider agreeing in advance which player takes the shot if a ball travels to the centre of the court.

For the foreseeable future the Clubhouse will remain closed to all members and coaches. This will remain under review and we will update members as soon as this changes. This will mean that the use of floodlights will continue to not be available at this point. There will consequently be no toilets available for use at this time. Please continue to plan and prepare accordingly.

Players should wash their hands with Soap and Water for at least 20 secs before leaving home to go to the Club, and need to bring and use their own hand gel to clean their hands after touching shared surfaces.
Players should not share equipment/food/drink. Players are no longer required to identify and use their own tennis balls clearly marked with their own initials unless they wish to, however if you choose to use shared balls, please take extra care to avoid touching your face during play, and clean your hands immediately before and after play with alcohol gel. If you share equipment (e.g. racquets), please thoroughly clean before and after use. Also use alcohol gel after touching any court gates, fences, benches etc and avoid doing so where possible.

A one-way system will be maintained for court access to minimise individuals coming into contact, and the online booking system has been amended to stagger court times and introduce a 15minute changeover time. Please only book complete one hour sessions to be considerate to other members and avoid changeover contact.

The Club will continue to endeavour to provide additional hand sanitisation stations to supplement (not replace) the individuals provision at the entry/exit to the Club. This is not a substitute for individuals needing to provide their own hand sanitising supply. Some players may consider the use of gloves to and from the tennis court to minimise risk.
Please ensure that you leave the court before the end of your allotted time so that it is empty for the next players.
During play, members should remain at least two metres away from other players at all times and either avoid changing ends or agree to change ends at opposite sides of the net. Players should avoid chasing down balls onto another court if other players are using it. If using your own individually marked tennis balls, use a racquet or foot to return them to your opponent as you would tennis balls to other players on another court. LTA Players Guidance can be found via https://www.lta.org.uk/globalassets/news/2020/lta-guidance-for-tennis-players—covid-19.pdf

The first member to open the Club should leave the gate open and sanitise their hands subsequently, and the last person should pull the gate behind themselves and sanitise their hands immediately.
The numbers of members who can be coached at one time is under review. The max number under LTA guidelines is 6 people, however the implications at WCTC are yet to be decided. New coaching protocols have been put in place by Angela Crossley and her team. Please contact Angela if you have specific questions or an interest in booking lessons. https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/AngelaCrossleyCoaching/News/c635beb1-991d-4906-85b9-222fd9fc3250

Do not congregate after playing. Benches are not available to members at this time.
The First Aid Box will remain in the Clubhouse for genuine emergencies, where an accident will be recorded in the Accident book.
If a member has played at WCTC and develops symptoms of COVID-19, you must follow the HMG guidelines on ‘test and trace’ on the gov.uk website.
As stated you must be a member to play. Currently all 2019-20 members have had their membership rolled over until the end of June for free. This is a good time for members to encourage family members to try tennis – as new membership will also be free until the end of June – but you must have applied through our website https://wetherbytennis.org.uk/membership/
Please continue to stick to the Club’s Car Parking protocols, where members can only park in our designated spaces during office hours. Please walk or cycle if you can to minimise this issue.
The Committee will continue to do our best to react to HMG/NHS/LTA advice as it becomes available, whether to tighten, or indeed further ease the current restrictions.

Thanks for your patience, discipline and compliance in playing within the above practices.
Please enjoy your tennis safely.


Steve Jones
on behalf of WCTC Committee
Wetherby Castlegarth LTC

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