Boston Spa Tennis Club!

Dear Members

You will be aware of the offer of support from Boston Spa to use their fantastic facilities whilst ours are unavailable. I have recently received a further offer for you to join in Boston Spa sessions if WCTC members wish to. Of course, you are still welcome to play singles or doubles as individuals. Certainly, a group of die-hard WCTC members are doing their best to continue the 2pm Sunday social sessions at Boston Spa.

Thurs mornings are not available to WCTC members, but the rest of the time should be fine. Note, that if the intention is to play at night, members will need tokens to operate the floodlights. These cost £2 for 30 min and are available from Alistair Rattray (07770 743421) or Angela (07793 718701)

Actions at reinstating our own facilities are in hand, and the Committee will continue to communicate our progress. We expect further clarity on timescales and funding at the end of next week.


Stephen Jones

Chairman – Wetherby Tennis Club

07791 428641

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