Flood Recovery Update

Although we have been playing since the end of February much remains to be done to achieve the quality of both the on and off court facilities we enjoyed prior the Boxing Day flood. Whilst our insurers will meet some of our costs, they will not cover all of them. For example, the green fencing surrounding the courts is apparently ‘not part of the courts’ and has not been covered, requiring the club to fund the replacement fencing out of its own resources, mitigated by successful Flood Relief Grant applications.


In addition, although we expect that the basic remedial costs of restoring the clubhouse will be met by the insurers, given the location of the club we need to do more to make us ‘flood resilient’ in the face of anticipated future flooding events. So in order to recover some of our costs, and additionally in order to look to the future, Mark Vines (Treasurer), and Peter Johnston (Committee Member) have worked on two successful applications  to Leeds City Council’s  ‘Business Interruption’ and ‘Flood Mitigation’ grants schemes (£2,500 and £5,000 respectively).


Together these funds will help us recover some of our uninsured costs and help to mitigate any future flooding impacts through the provision of permanent drainage channels at the river bank end of the courts, flood resistant clubhouse doors and kitchen units. 


In the short term, work will commence on drying out and renovating the downstairs of our Clubhouse. The process will be noisy and disruptive, and will limit full access to the Clubhouse for 4 to 6 weeks. We are working hard with the contractors to provide basic access to a toilet and wash facilities during this time, however there is no short cut, and this will have an impact on our Club in the short term. Thank you for your patience during this period.


We hope the great British weather will be kind to us while we undertake the important repair activity, and finally allow the painting of our newly resurfaced courts. All we need for the painting is a week of dry, warm and windless weather!

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