Clubhouse Disruption

The flood damage repairs to the clubhouse will commence this Friday 29th April. We anticipate having to park a number of contractor / subcontractor vehicles, skips etc in the club’s allotted 5 parking spaces over the next few weeks so members can expect reduced weekday /daytime parking availability. The contractor is aware of the pressures on parking and will do everything possible to leave 2/3 spaces clear at any one time, but unfortunately there may be times when no spaces are available and members will have to park at other locations.

 Richard from Aspect Building has confirmed he will start Friday morning, and will be back in again on Tuesday after the Bank Holiday weekend.

First phase is to remove the damp plaster and flooring.
Second phase is the drying out process. Third phase is the reinstatement of walls and flooring.

Richard will endeavour to have one toilet available throughout unless any flooring and equipment issues mean that for Health and Safety reasons he has to completely close off the ground floor.

We should have access to the upper floor throughout most of the repairs by opening up the ground floor back door on to the carpark which means members can go upstairs without crossing the ground floor.

Please understand that for the next few weeks the clubhouse ground floor will be a building site, and to reduce the inherent dangers we must all follow any health and safety measures that are introduced even if this does result in severe disruption to our normal use of the clubhouse for a short time.

The club apologise for any disruption but feel that members will appreciate the benefits that such work will ultimately produce.


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