Clubhouse Repairs – Update

The damp plaster on the walls has been removed and the first layer of the floor taken up. Dryers have been installed which will run continuously for 24 hours during an estimated 2 week period before a specialist assessment will be made by us to ascertain the dryness of the walls and floor.

We must ensure that the doors and windows are not left open during the drying process if it is to work efficiently. When certified dry we can begin to reinstate the plaster and flooring.

Only the ladies toilet is functioning at present and can be used as a unisex toilet.

As you can imagine the ground floor of the clubhouse is now a very hazardous area with drying machines and cables distributed throughout. Therefore to limit the number of Social Tennis or Match players crossing the floor, one person should take responsibility for opening the front clubhouse door and taking the bolt off the back door onto the car park to allow players access to the upper floor and toilet if needed. This person must be responsible for ensuring both doors are closed as soon as possible and for locking both doors at the end of play, ensuring the dryers are left running.


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