York 2 Showing No Signs Of Stopping!

York 2 have started the new season like they finished the last and their winning run shows no sign of stopping either. The team travelled to Dunnington this evening and in a real all round team effort were victorious 60 games to 48.

Mike Connolly and Rachel Butterworth are a match for anyone at present and managed two wins from their three matches including convincing 9-3 wins twice to accumulate 22 games on the night.

Jill Abel and Ollie Park managed 18 points in winning one and drawing one and Mike Abel assisted by Trish Bell secured 20 points from two 8-4 wins.

It does make a massive difference when teams can share the points and having three strong couples has been the secret of success for York 2 recently.

So a consecutive promotion is certainly not out of the question and captain Debbie Vines, who remains side lined through injury, will have the nice choice of picking from strength on her return to the ranks.

Well done to all and we look forward to sharing more winning news over the coming weeks.


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