Courts Update / Clubhouse Closed

The Club Committee met last week to discuss the repainted Courts 1, 2 and 3. Following a meeting with the contractors and paint supplier it is accepted that the courts have not cured satisfactorily. To address the consequent marking of the courts the Club has the option to redress by repainting at a convenient time by the supplier free of charge.

The courts look great and play well, so please enjoy them when you can. It is worth reminding all members that following rain spells, newly painted courts have the potential to be slippery underfoot and your normal sound judgement is required to ensure safe play. Whether for team play, social or coaching, you should make the same judgement as you would stepping onto any court after rainfall. The advice received from our contractors is that as with any new surface, the performance will continue to improve with continued playing.

The Committee are in continued contact with the contractors and have taken the decision to minimise any potential problems and not repaint Courts 4 + 5, in the immediate term. This will allow us to understand how the contractor will minimise potential problems with Courts 4 + 5, and to assess the performance of Courts 1, 2 and 3 before committing.

Thank you for your patience whilst the necessary post flood remedial works are being completed. The Clubhouse drying is now complete and re-plastering has commenced, we are hopeful that all these necessary works will be completed by the end of June when we can expect our fantastic facilities to be better than ever.

PLEASE NOTE – The Clubhouse will be closed until Monday due to essential works.

Thanks again for your patience.

We will update you further as actions progress.

Stephen Jones
Chairman Wetherby Tennis Club

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