Breaking News – Motion Passed

This evening at Harrogate Racquets Tennis Club, a proposal by the Wetherby Tennis club was voted on. Wetherby had proposed that the current format of league games in the Harrogate league be changed so that the format used in the York league was adopted. This would mean the abolishment of sets in favour of ‘best of 12’ games played over 3 rounds so a maximum 36 games is played per couple in any one match. Representing Wetherby this evening at the vote were Ian Teasdale, Janine Smith and Mike Triffitt. The Vote proved close with a 13-10 verdict in favour to change to the new 12 game format.

The Harrogate League committee thanked Wetherby secretary Mike Butterworth for his time and considerable efforts in working with them and drawing up plans for the proposal.

New scorecards will be issued to captains and the committee indicated that they hoped team captains would help by inputting results on to the central website, further details to follow in due course.


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