New Signage Unveiled

Wetherby tennis club were able to unveil new signage today with two additional ones now on show. On Wetherby high street, outside the newsagent, and directly entering the club car park, directional signs can be seen with clear white lettering on a brown background that should help visitors find Castlegarth more easily.

This has long been an Achilles heel for the club with visiting team members in particular often struggling to locate us. It should also assist potential new members as often many people are oblivious to a tennis club actually been here by the river!

A special big thank you to Mick Abel who has been the mastermind behind this project. Mick liaised with the local authorities and applied for the necessary planning permission to make this happen and all at the club are extremely grateful and appreciate the time and effort involved.

Well done Mick and judging by the photos below you may be getting some odd job requests from new customers now!!!

Mick is seem putting the finishing touches to our new signs earlier today, a great job Mick and well done Sir.


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