Sunday Social Tournament Attracts Good Turnout


A great start to 2017 with the opening Tournament of the year very well attended, especially at such short notice. It is the intention of the club to have a tournament on the first Sunday in each month at the social session and today marked the first one of the New Year. After the festive period many members were pleased of the opportunity to get back on court and begin shedding the Xmas excess!.

Today’s format saw four rounds of mixed doubles with scores carried forward to produce a male and female winner.

After a close run affair that went down to the wire, Helen Robinson just took the ladies title with a winning score of 14 points whilst Mike Richards was the men’s champion with 15. Well done to both and to all who competed today.


A very special thanks also to Trish and Angie Bell who both did an exceptional job with great organising skills and time management in ensuring a smooth event.


A reminder that the WhatsApp social group continues to grow in numbers and for those still to join please contact Trish Bell on 07946 631974 as today’s high turnout was undoubtedly greatly assisted by members liaising via this message board.


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