Wimbledon Ballot 2017

Dear member ,

You have until FEBRUARY 17th to opt in for the Wimbledon ballot ! Remember the clubs allocation of tickets reflects the numbers of our membership opting in and linking to Wetherby Tennis Club.

Go to www.lta.org.uk/wimbledonballots

Click on login to your members area to opt in

You will need you user name and password (there are links if you have forgotten one or both !! )

Remember this has to be done every year….please do this asap !

We have had a good response since our initial communication in December and thank those who have opted in already. This is just a gentle and final reminder for those still wishing to opt in that the deadline is fast approaching and we would appreciate if more members can do so.

There is a very useful LTA Ballot Helpdesk telephone number on 0208 4877000 which can assist if anyone is experiencing issues that are preventing them from registering.

Much appreciated , Jill Abel

Match secretary


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