Tequila, Tequila, Tequila !!!!

Who knew what to expect!

They said that there would be food and games, but words would have been difficult to find to capture the Mexican flavoured Tornado that Charlotte Todd had organised to rip through Wetherby Tennis Club on Saturday 27th May.

A curious and expectant 35 club members and friends soon got into the spirit quite literally with a Tequila Tasting, where three different Tequilas were savoured, respected and assessed for aroma, price, strength and age. Alongside a steady stream of visitors to the licensed bar for the evening, this provided the introduction to a superb range of homemade Chilli’s (big up Dee and Janine), and through the kind support of Bar 3 freshly cooked rice.

With appetites satisfied, the games progressed. The Mexican Hat game prefaced the Pinata, where blindfolded representatives of each table took a turn at trying to destroy the paper Mache Unicorn with their non dominant hand. Many thanks to John Bell who constructed the perfect set up for the game on the balcony, complete with the ability to move the Unicorn to avoid the smashes aimed at the poor creature, which eventually yielded a torrent of sweets once slain. A few further drinks added to the fun of watching selected desperados pinning a moustache on the bandit (a striking resemblance to Angela Crossley). The evening’s formal entertainment was completed by a Mexican themed ‘Higher or Lower’ game.

The evening clung on to those who attended and time moved swiftly whilst music kept toes tapping. Many thanks to Charlotte, Janine and Dee who provided a super evening of food, fun and dancing. The Club ended the evening c£250 better off as a result as well!

Keep an eye on the Events Page for future social gatherings!.

 A good crowd gathered to celebrate the Mexican evening.

Fun and games were the order of the night!!

Well done to Charlotte for inspiring the night and Dee and Janine for food and big contributions. A special thanks to Steve Jones for providing the report and pictures too.


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