As we approach the end of the year and the season draws swiftly to a close,
We felt there should be a few words spoken to thank Mike for his prose.
Many matches come and go with results sour and sweet,
So to sit back and read his reports is certainly something of a treat!

Up until the early hours, writing about outcomes of many a game,
So real and exciting it’s hard to believe, nobody has yet found fame.
Shots from the baseline and volleys at the net,
Tough games and points won, just to complete the first set.

In his laid back style, he arranges friendlies and fills gaps in a team,
He must finish at the computer of a night, with his mind in a dream.
Walking on court dressed in a York City shirt, hes always up for the job,
He serves down aces but cant ever resist playing the famous “Triff Lob.”

So just  to say thanks for your time sir and look forward to next year,
Competing with you and against you as well as sharing the odd beer.
From the doubles and mixed team players together with coaches alike,
We appreciate your efforts this year and say thanks again Mike!

Written by Greg Vince

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