Good Effort From Barry Johnson!

As well as been a valued member at Wetherby tennis club, Barry Johnson is also a member at Boston Spa and tonight was playing in their Men’s Doubles annual tournament. This was postponed from earlier in the month and along with partner Paul Kaye they resumed this evening at 4-1 down in the opener. They battled back quickly to level at 4-4 before succumbing 6-4. The second set was even closer and with Johnson holding serve and Kaye dominating at the net they threatened an upset. However Stuart Kerr and Chris Pearson proved tough opponents and took the match after a 8-6 tie break victory 6-4,7-6.

So Johnson couldn’t add to his Wetherby men’s doubles title but enjoyed his evening despite the rain once more!


From left to right Stuart Kerr, Chris Pearson, Paul Kaye and Barry Johnson.

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