Quiz Night A Memorable Occassion

The annual and very successful ACTC Social evening and quiz night hosted by Angela Crossley and Jo Coverdale took place Saturday evening with once again a full crowd in attendance. There were six participating teams each with six members although one team did consist of eight and the result was a close run affair which went down to the wire.


Table One featured ‘We’ve all slept with the quiz master’ from left to right – Rachel Hill, Paul Hill, Jo Coverdale, Angela Crossley, Guy Wood and Nathan Brook.


On Table Two it was Debbies Diamonds from left to right we had – Nigel Williams, Debbie Vines, Mark Vines, Louise Williams, Lucy Wright and Charlie Wright.


On Table three we had Geriatrics from left to right – Carl Binns, Gill Rowe, Nicola Chapman, Carole Womersley, Andrew Palfrey and Hilary Burton.


Table Four was Here for the food left to right  – Greg Vince, Helen Vince, Walter Skubiak, Jo Skubiak, Peter Johnston, Carolyn Johnston, Tasneem Watson and Simon Watson.


Left to right on Table Five were Smart Aces featuring Roger Grigg, Deila Wells, Ian Wells, Ann Jones, Gary Jones and Mike Triffitt.


And finally on Table Six we had from left to right Wetherby Wanderers – Norma Harrington, Tom Harrington, Bev Lynn, Fred Lynn, Ann Lillywhite and Carol Christie.

Tim Coverdale once again did a superb job behind the mic with a very enthralling list of questions and intriguing puzzle pictures which left the audience captivated.

Jo Coverdale and Louise Williams produced the superb food which was appreciated by all and the delicious cakes were the highlight for many.



Lucy Wright and Peter Johnson were left battling it out in the stand up / sit down True or False round before Lucy came through to take the box of chocolates.






Finally as tension mounted and the room was hushed the results were revealed. In sixth place were Wetherby Wanderers picking up the wooden spoon closely followed by Smart Aces. We’ve all slept with the quiz master took fourth and Here for the food bagged third. Debbie’s Diamonds went agonisingly close but finished runners up as they were left trailing winners Geriatrics by a mere three points!!!


Well done Geriatrics and enjoy your prizes.

A big thanks to all who contributed to a memorable evening and thanks to all who supported the event with proceeds benefiting Wetherby Tennis Club who are extremely grateful.

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