Members Vote To Retain 12 Game Format

The Harrogate and District Tennis AGM was held at Racquets tennis club in Harrogate this evening. The main focus for many was the vote to either retain the 12 game scoring system introduced by Wetherby last season or revert to the sets which some clubs had asked for. A 15-10 result and a 5 vote majority in favour of staying with the 12 game format was the outcome.

Playing wise looking ahead to this season Birstwith decided they would be unable to continue due to player shortage and their resignation was accepted by the committee. The implications are that their place in Division Four will be taken by Thirsk B, who are reprieved from relegation, with only one club Northallerton suffering the drop to Division 5. Harrogate Spa and Wetherby A move up to Division 4 following promotion whilst Harrogate Raquets C are also reprieved from relegation and retain their Division 5 status those avoiding consecutive relegations. With Only Bedale B relegated to the bottom tier it means all six Divisions now have 8 competing outfits which also means a 14 game campaign for all clubs.

We now await fixtures with interest ahead of the new Summer season where Wetherby once again will field three mixed teams who compete in Divisions 2,4 and 5.


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