Allotment Vacancies

The Club has enjoyed a very successful arrangement with the allotment members over many years. Within the coming month however, there will be vacancies generated for Club members who may be interested in looking after these parcels of land. These allotments are only available to Club Members, and the obligations and rights can be summarised by the following understanding:

The Tennis Club agrees that:-

*            the existing Allotment Members can cultivate the allotments until such time as they do not wish to do so (subject to below);

 *             the Club has the right however to give notice to the Allotment Members – a minimum of 12 months’ notice – to take over the allotment site for tennis purposes; this will allow for any existing crops to be cultivated/harvested;

 *             the Club shall keep the Allotment Members updated periodically with any future ideas and plans it has for the allotment land; there is nothing under serious consideration at this stage;

 *             the Club’s Main Committee shall be responsible for agreeing who can work the allotments should any of the Allotment Members wish to give up their allotment, and should anyone wish to work any potential allotment site that could be cultivated.

  *           at the discretion of the committee any allotments that has been allowed to fall fallow and unattended for a period greater than six months will be offered to other members


  • in return, the Allotment Members will cut the Club’s grass, and generally keep the club boundaries tidy, which reflect well on the club and those associated with it.

It is expected that the Allotment Members would continue to retain a membership at Wetherby Castlegarth Tennis Club. This could be as a Social Member as a minimum. Any member interested in having access to this opportunity, should in the first instance register their interest with the Wetherby Tennis Club Committee via Declan Grogan ( Our intent is to confirm arrangements for the beginning of March.

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