2019/20 MEMBERSHIP FEES commencing APRIL 1st

We are now asking members to renew for the new season. Last year we moved onto the ClubSpark system for accepting membership subscriptions and have been delighted with the success that has brought. Most members found this fairly effortless and far more superior and we are more than happy to continue. Any member wishing to renew needs to log on to ClubSpark via the link below.


Once you have entered your Email address and Password you will find a menu of our current membership packages with the top selection been your current package and the system offering a renew facility via pressing the button. A couple of further clicks is now all that is needed to complete the process. If your circumstances have changed or you wish to consider an alternative package select that.

For new members or those who didn’t apply via ClubSpark previously,  I have included the instructions below which were posted last year thanks.

Many members have already renewed and we thank them and you all for your continued support of Wetherby Tennis Club.


Mike Butterworth – Secretary.

2018/2019 Article

Welcome to the new season. Following the member’s decision at the WTC AGM, membership subscriptions will be received via the ClubSpark platform. This will require members to input their details and make a secure payment in the same transaction. This will significantly improve membership administration by directly reconciling payments with membership applications. There will be some additional benefits where the member can ensure that their consent can be proactively given (or not) for the use of their data for additional purposes (third party offers e.g. coaching and club communications). This process will also update the existing membership records and make it easier for the Committee to keep members up to date on events, Wimbledon, teams and court availability .

To join the club this year click the link below which is the Membership section on the club website.


Rather than completing a physical membership form, you will be required to put your details into an online membership form. You will be prompted to choose the most appropriate subscription module which reflects your individual (or family) circumstances. Following this link, you will be required to make a payment by entering your bank details. The payment is made by a one off, not recurring, Direct Debit via a secure payment platform. For new registrations to the ClubSpark platform, you will also then be able to book courts at Wetherby online via this ClubSpark account (or mobile app).

A lot of hard work has been undertaken behind the scenes to provide a user-friendly experience within the limitations of the platform; however, your feedback and patience will be welcomed in this first year of operation. We expect the process to develop and improve with experience. If individuals feel that they are uncertain or require support please contact any committee members.

Finally, on behalf of the committee may we wish you an enjoyable tennis year ahead and look forward to seeing everyone playing tennis.

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