Wimbledon 2019 Ballot

The Wimbledon Draw is taking place at the Clubhouse on Monday 29th April at 7.30pm.

This year we have been allocated the following tickets as pairs, for Wimbledon 2019

Wetherby Castlegarth Wimbledon Tickets 2019


Court Event Date Price per Pair (plus £2.50 transaction charge)
Centre 01/07/2019 £128.00
Centre 02/07/2019 £128.00
Centre 03/07/2019 £166.00
Centre 08/07/2019 £260.00
Centre 10/07/2019 £320.00
Centre 11/07/2019 £320.00
Centre 12/07/2019 £370.00
Centre 14/07/2019 £450.00
Number 1 01/07/2019 £112.00
Number 1 02/07/2019 £112.00
Number 1 05/07/2019 £190.00
Number 1 06/07/2019 £190.00
Number 1 08/07/2019 £210.00
Number 1 09/07/2019 £210.00
Number 1 10/07/2019 £270.00
Number 1 11/07/2019 £138.00
Number 1 14/07/2019 £66.00
Number 2 01/07/2019 £86.00
Number 2 05/07/2019 £140.00
Number 2 06/07/2019 £140.00
Number 2 08/07/2019 £170.00

As a reminder:

  • You must have opted in to Wetherby Tennis Club by Feb 22nd on the LTA website and be aged 11 years or over before this date. In addition, you must have paid your 2019/20 membership fees by Friday 26th April.
  • If you are not attending, but wish to be included in the draw, you must let Janine Smith or Steve Jones know your preferences and desire to be included by Friday 26th Aprilalso.
  • Arrive early – someone will be available from 6.30pm. If you are not registered by 7.25pm you are not in!
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your contact details are accurate on your LTA Members page.  It is worth logging in to your profile on the LTA website  and  to check that your contact details, including address and email are correct and up to date. ‎This is important because when we allocate you your tickets, you’ll have 2 weeks to pay the LTA for them. They will need a valid email address registered for you to do this and an up to date delivery address so they know where to send the tickets. The LTA will be dealing with you directly.


 Thanks and good luck

Steve Jones


Wetherby Tennis Club

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