It’s very exciting to be able to tell you about a new HDTL proposal.

I’d be really grateful if you could pass round information about this new league, which I’d like to start to encourage more play between clubs, aimed at a different group of players, compared to the evening league. Play is largely social with a gentle competitive element, the emphasis very much being on playing enjoyable tennis and meeting like-minded people.

I’m hoping to have three leagues, Men’s doubles, Ladies’ doubles and Mixed doubles.

Matches to be played between 09.30 -16.30 hours, Monday to Friday inclusive. Home and away matches, best of three sets, tie break at six all in the third set.

It would be really nice to get this started by the beginning of July and run for three months in the first instance, though depending on the numbers involved and the interest generated, this is completely flexible.

I do feel that this has the potential to reach out to a new group of players and hope very much that there will be enough response to get this started and then watch it grow. Obviously, disseminating the information is one of the key factors in its success and I am very appreciative of you helping me to do this.


Carol Tetlow

HDTL Chair

Anyone interested please contact Jill Abel on  07946 518948 or email




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