Annual Club Tournament 2019

The Annual Club Tournament is due to commence in early September with finals day scheduled for Sunday September 22nd. Thanks to such a prompt response the draws have now been conducted and displayed below and in the club house.

Remember the draw is random with partners selected out of the hat to make things more intriguing!

The categories are as follows

Men’s Singles

Men’s Doubles

Ladies Singles

Ladies Doubles

Mixed Doubles

Each match is the Best of 3x Sets (a Set is the first to 6 games, if the score is 6 games all then a tiebreak to 7, winning by 2 clear points is played). If the score is 1 set all; then the third set is replaced by a Championship Tiebreak (first to 10 points, winning by two clear points).

As usual I will help if anyone needs assistance with phone details for their opponents and don’t hesitate to get in touch for help with match arrangements if required. Giving ourselves a longer time frame may encourage more entries and the schedule is fairly flexible.

Mobile is 0750 8057744

Email –

Feel free to contact me via WhatsApp too and I look forward to receiving plenty of entries now of course!


Mike Triffitt








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