Coronavirus – Preventing The Spread Of Covid 19

 Wetherby Castlegarth Tennis Club (WCTC) are conscious that Members will have questions on the use of the Club at this time. The Club is guided by Government, NHS and LTA (as our governing body) guidance, and we will respond to new advice as the current situation develops.

 WCTC is a Members only Club. Members and their Guests remain free to use the Club at their own risk as long as they follow NHS hygiene advice.

In particular

  • Anyone who has been advised to self-isolate or stay at home based on the advice on the NHS.UK website, or
  • Anyone who is suffering from any symptoms,

 should clearly not take part in tennis activities until advised differently.

 As with other organisations offering community and leisure services, the Government has advised that hand hygiene should be strongly promoted and encouraged, and equipment and facilities should be thoroughly cleaned and wiped down as usual following use. E.g. racquets, No specific recommendations have been given with respect to tennis balls, however you may considering using your own, or purchasing new balls from the Club when available. Members should avoid contact (inc shaking hands), and at the end of a session, bag up their own rubbish and remove from the Club.

 The Club are currently assessing postponing organised events where larger groups of players are likely to be co-located.

 Additional mitigation measures are being taken by the Club’s Coaching team during their interaction with group and individual sessions. For further information please contact Angela Crossley (

 Whilst every effort is made by the Club’s volunteer team to keep facilities in good order, there may be occasions when shortages occur (e.g. Soap, Toilet Paper), and we would ask members to consider bringing ‘back up’ supplies for their visit to the tennis Club. The Club will continue to do it’s best to keep the facilities available to members to remain fit and active, whilst we comply with national efforts to limit the spread of the virus.

 I ask for your understanding at this time, and recognise that we will continue to review our approach, in line with Government/NHS and LTA guidance.

 Steve Jones (Chairman) and your WCTC Committee

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