Wetherby Castlegarth Tennis Club Help and Support

Being part of a club gives us a great opportunity to support each other, especially in difficult times, and never have they as challenging as they are right now. For some club members the lock down will need to be more severe and prolonged than for others. So as a club, the committee would like to reach out to all members to ask if they need any support. Whether it is directly with practical things such as shopping and errands or just socially, just to speak to other people and catch up on different news to break up the monotony.

To this end, we are looking at the viability of introducing a ‘Tennis Buddies’ system, putting those who are locked in or who might like some contact, in touch with those who can spare some of the time they may have spent on court helping out. At this stage, it would be good to understand if there is a need for such a scheme and if so, how many people would like to take part?

If you would like a buddy, or could be one, please simply drop us a line letting us know which and we will look at how we introduce the scheme. Please email: Wetherbyltc@gmail.com outlining what you would like or can offer. We’ll then review the need and look at setting something up.

Being in a club gives us all some common ground we can build on and a different community we are part of. So let’s not leave anyone out and get through this together.

Wetherby Tennis Committee

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