Men’s Singles Draw

The men’s final was contested by Jamie Perkins and Ollie Newsome and what a tremendous battle this turned out to be. Defending champion Jamie knew he faced a tough challenge for his crown and both finalists had reached this stage without dropping a set, despite some tough opponents in their path. Ollie has come through the junior ranks at the club and also helped the Leeds men’s first team to two recent promotions. Conditions were fairly good with an overcast afternoon and slight wind but with no sun visibility was good. The opening set was one of the most competitive and fierce of the tournament and there was little between the pair. With Jamie serving at 15-40 and 5-5, Ollie sensed a chance to claim a crucial advantage but the champion held and turning up a notch ran out a narrow 7-5 winner. This seemed to allow Jamie to relax more and he began to turn up the heat with some clinical finishing as he won the second 6-1 to retain the title.

Ollie can be very pleased with his efforts and showed how far he has improved in a relative short space. Thanks to both for great entertainment.

The men’s singles event has been well supported and a big thanks to all who took part with some excellent tennis throughout. The group system and players choosing partners ensured all the chaps were able to find fairly equal opponents in the early stages and it worked well in the testing times we find ourselves.

Congratulations to Jamie Perkins on his men’s singles win today and enjoy tucking into those biscuits later!
Group 1PlayedWonLostPoints
Jamie Perkins3309
Richard Whaley3127
Andy Roberts3125
Jonathan Tyler3033
Andy Roberts beat Jonathan Tyler 6-2,6-3
Jamie Perkins beat Andy Roberts 6-1,6-0
Richard Whaley beat Andy Roberts 6-2,3-6,6-3
Jamie Perkins beat Jonathan Tyler 6-0,6-1
Jamie Perkins beat Richard Whaley 6-0,7-5
Richard Whaley beat Jonathan Tyler 6-3,6-3
Group 2PlayedWonLostPoints
Ollie Newsome3309
Adam Turner3217
Ollie Boyes Park3125
Richard Franks3033
Ollie Newsome beat Ollie Boyes Park 6-4,6-4
Adam Turner beat Richard Franks 6-2,6-3
Adam Turner beat Ollie Boyes Park 6-3,6-3
Ollie Newsome beat Adam Turner 6-4,6-2
Ollie Boyes Park beat Richard Franks 6-2,6-4
Ollie Newsome beat Richard Franks 6-1,6-0
Group 3PlayedWonLostPoints
Marc Bickers3309
Mike Park3217
Ben Gold3125
Mike Abel3033
Marc Bickers beat Mike Abel 6-1, 6-2
Mike Park beat Ben Gold 6-2,6-1
Marc Bickers beat Ben Gold 6-3,6-0
Marc Bickers beat Mike Park 6-2,6-0
Mike Park beat Mike Abel 6-0,6-1

Ben Gold beat Mike Abel 7-6,3-6,10-8

Group 4PlayedWonLostPoints
Bradley Triffitt3309
Sam Wileman1011
Art Page1011
Kevin Duckenfield1011
Bradley Triffitt beat Sam Wileman 6-1,6-1
Bradley Triffitt beat Art Page 6-1,6-1
Bradley Trifitt beat Kevin Duckenfield 6-0,6-2
Group 5PlayedWonLostPoints
Gabe Mead3309
Dave Rowlands3217
Zak Watson3125
Tony Lewis3033
Dave Rowlands beat Zak Watson 6-3, 5-7, 10-8
Gabe Mead beat Zak Watson 3-6, 6-3, 10-7
Dave Rowlands beat Tony Lewis 6-1,6-3
Zak Watson beat Tony Lewis 6-2,6-3
Gabe Mead beat Dave Rowlands 6-2,6-7,10-5
Gabe Mead beat Tony Lewis Default
Group 6PlayedWonLostPoints
Philip Longstaff3309
Mike Triffitt3217
Tom March3125
Andy Howden3033
Mike Triffitt beat Andy Howden 6-0,6-0
Philip Longstaff beat Mike Triffitt 6-3,6-1
Mike Triffitt beat Tom March 6-3,6-0
Philip Longstaff beat Tom March 6-0,6-0
Philip Longstaff beat Andy Holden 6-0,6-0
Tom March beat Andy Holden 6-2,6-0
Group 7PlayedWonLostPoints
Lindsay Edgar3217
David Rhodes3125
Barry Johnson2114
Tony Cutler2114
Barry Johnson beat David Rhodes 6-4,7-6
Tony Cutler beat David Rhodes 4-6,7-5,6-2
Lindsay Edgar beat Barry Johnson 7-6,2-6,6-2
David Rhodes beat Lindsay Edgar 6-2,7-6
Lindsay Edgar beat Tony Cutler 6-3,6-3
Group 8PlayedWonLostPoints
Tom Harrington3309
Bob Kirby1011
Brian Thomas1011
Will Dawson1011
Tom Harrington beat Bob Kirby 6-0,6-1
Tom Harrington beat Brian Thomas 7-5,6-3
Tom Harrington beat Will Dawson 6-3,6-4

Each player will have three group games with the winner of each section advancing to the knock out stages which will consist of a quarter final, semi-final then final. If there is a tie at the top of a group, the winner will be determined on head to head record. If still unresolved the player needing the least number of individual games will advance (for example a player winning in two sets would beat a player winning in three sets etc)  Each match is best of three sets with a championship tie break to ten played as set three. If players want to play a full final set that is fine if both agree. (The fitter ones amongst us perhaps!) 3 Points for a win and 1 for a loss.

If players can arrange their group matches themselves and text me the scores I will update the tables thanks. I will forward each player a list of their opponents contact details shortly. I would suggest booking two hours for each match which will require reserving consecutive slots via the court booking system . Usual restrictions still apply so no spectators at present sorry. Any questions contact Mike Triffitt on 07508 057744

Quarter final draw will be as follows

Group 1 Winner Jamie Perkins beat Group 5 Winner Gabe Mead 6-0,6-0

Group 2 Winner Ollie Newsome beat Group 6 Winner Philip Longstaff 6-1,6-3

Group 3 Winner Marc Bickers beat Group 7 Winner Lindsay Edgar 6-0,6-1

Group 4 Winner Bradley Triffitt beat Group 8 Winner Tom Harrington


Semi final draw will be as follows

Jamie Perkins beat Bradley Triffitt 6-1,6-0

Ollie Newsome beat Marc Bickers 6-3,6-3


Jamie Perkins beat Ollie Newsome 7-5,6-1

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