Men’s Singles Draw

Group 1PlayedWonLostPoints
Jamie Perkins3309
Richard Whaley3127
Andy Roberts3125
Jonathan Tyler3033
Andy Roberts beat Jonathan Tyler 6-2,6-3
Jamie Perkins beat Andy Roberts 6-1,6-0
Richard Whaley beat Andy Roberts 6-2,3-6,6-3
Jamie Perkins beat Jonathan Tyler 6-0,6-1
Jamie Perkins beat Richard Whaley 6-0,7-5
Richard Whaley beat Jonathan Tyler 6-3,6-3
Group 2PlayedWonLostPoints
Ollie Newsome3309
Adam Turner3217
Ollie Boyes Park3125
Richard Franks3033
Ollie Newsome beat Ollie Boyes Park 6-4,6-4
Adam Turner beat Richard Franks 6-2,6-3
Adam Turner beat Ollie Boyes Park 6-3,6-3
Ollie Newsome beat Adam Turner 6-4,6-2
Ollie Boyes Park beat Richard Franks 6-2,6-4
Ollie Newsome beat Richard Franks 6-1,6-0
Group 3PlayedWonLostPoints
Marc Bickers3309
Mike Park3217
Ben Gold3125
Mike Abel3033
Marc Bickers beat Mike Abel 6-1, 6-2
Mike Park beat Ben Gold 6-2,6-1
Marc Bickers beat Ben Gold 6-3,6-0
Marc Bickers beat Mike Park 6-2,6-0
Mike Park beat Mike Abel 6-0,6-1

Ben Gold beat Mike Abel 7-6,3-6,10-8

Group 4PlayedWonLostPoints
Bradley Triffitt3309
Sam Wileman1011
Art Page1011
Kevin Duckenfield1011
Bradley Triffitt beat Sam Wileman 6-1,6-1
Bradley Triffitt beat Art Page 6-1,6-1
Bradley Trifitt beat Kevin Duckenfield 6-0,6-2
Group 5PlayedWonLostPoints
Gabe Mead3309
Dave Rowlands3217
Zak Watson3125
Tony Lewis3033
Dave Rowlands beat Zak Watson 6-3, 5-7, 10-8
Gabe Mead beat Zak Watson 3-6, 6-3, 10-7
Dave Rowlands beat Tony Lewis 6-1,6-3
Zak Watson beat Tony Lewis 6-2,6-3
Gabe Mead beat Dave Rowlands 6-2,6-7,10-5
Gabe Mead beat Tony Lewis Default
Group 6PlayedWonLostPoints
Philip Longstaff3309
Mike Triffitt3217
Tom March3125
Andy Howden3033
Mike Triffitt beat Andy Howden 6-0,6-0
Philip Longstaff beat Mike Triffitt 6-3,6-1
Mike Triffitt beat Tom March 6-3,6-0
Philip Longstaff beat Tom March 6-0,6-0
Philip Longstaff beat Andy Holden 6-0,6-0
Tom March beat Andy Holden 6-2,6-0
Group 7PlayedWonLostPoints
Lindsay Edgar3217
David Rhodes3125
Barry Johnson2114
Tony Cutler2114
Barry Johnson beat David Rhodes 6-4,7-6
Tony Cutler beat David Rhodes 4-6,7-5,6-2
Lindsay Edgar beat Barry Johnson 7-6,2-6,6-2
David Rhodes beat Lindsay Edgar 6-2,7-6
Lindsay Edgar beat Tony Cutler 6-3,6-3
Group 8PlayedWonLostPoints
Tom Harrington3309
Bob Kirby1011
Brian Thomas1011
Will Dawson1011
Tom Harrington beat Bob Kirby 6-0,6-1
Tom Harrington beat Brian Thomas 7-5,6-3
Tom Harrington beat Will Dawson 6-3,6-4

Each player will have three group games with the winner of each section advancing to the knock out stages which will consist of a quarter final, semi-final then final. If there is a tie at the top of a group, the winner will be determined on head to head record. If still unresolved the player needing the least number of individual games will advance (for example a player winning in two sets would beat a player winning in three sets etc)  Each match is best of three sets with a championship tie break to ten played as set three. If players want to play a full final set that is fine if both agree. (The fitter ones amongst us perhaps!) 3 Points for a win and 1 for a loss.

If players can arrange their group matches themselves and text me the scores I will update the tables thanks. I will forward each player a list of their opponents contact details shortly. I would suggest booking two hours for each match which will require reserving consecutive slots via the court booking system . Usual restrictions still apply so no spectators at present sorry. Any questions contact Mike Triffitt on 07508 057744

Quarter final draw will be as follows

Group 1 Winner Jamie Perkins beat Group 5 Winner Gabe Mead 6-0,6-0

Group 2 Winner Ollie Newsome beat Group 6 Winner Philip Longstaff 6-1,6-3

Group 3 Winner Marc Bickers beat Group 7 Winner Lindsay Edgar 6-0,6-1

Group 4 Winner Bradley Triffitt beat Group 8 Winner Tom Harrington


Semi final draw will be as follows

Jamie Perkins beat Bradley Triffitt 6-1,6-0

Ollie Newsome beat Marc Bickers 6-3,6-3


Jamie Perkins v Ollie Newsome

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