Ladies Singles Draw

Group 1PlayedWonLostPoints
Lucy Wright3309
Suzanne Harte3217
Iris Greaney3125
Rachel Woodward3033
Suzanne Harte beat Iris Greaney 6-4,6-1
Suzanne Harte beat Rachel Woodward 6-0,6-0
Lucy Wright beat Suzanne Harte 6-0,6-1
Lucy Wright beat Rachel Woodward 6-0,6-0

Iris Geaney beat Rachel Woodward 6-1,7-5

Lucy Wright beat Iris Greaney 6-1,6-1

Group 2PlayedWonLostPoints
Charlotte Todd3309
Anne Lillywhite3217
Sophie Hunt3125
Judith Crossley3033
Sophie Hunt beat Judith Crossley 6-2,6-3
Charlotte Todd beat Sophie Hunt 6-1,7-6
Charlotte Todd beat Anne Lillywhite 6-1,6-3
Charlotte Todd beat Judith Crossley 6-0,6-0
Anne Lillywhite beat Judith Crossley default

Anne Lillywhite beat Sophie Hunt 6-3,6-1

Each player will have three group games with the winner and runner up of each section advancing to the Semi Final. The winners of each Semi Final advance to the Final. If there is a tie at the top of a group, the winner will be determined on head to head record. If still unresolved the player needing the least number of individual games will advance (for example a player winning in two sets would beat a player winning in three sets etc)  Each match is best of three sets with a championship tie break to ten played as set three. If players want to play a full final set that is fine if both agree. (The fitter ones amongst us perhaps!)

If players can arrange their group matches themselves and text me the scores I will update the tables thanks. I will forward each player a list of their opponents contact details shortly. I would suggest booking two hours for each match which will require reserving consecutive slots via the court booking system . Usual restrictions still apply so no spectators at present sorry. Any questions contact Mike Triffitt on 07508 057744

Semi Final Draw

Winner Group 1 Lucy Wright beat Runner up Group 2 Anne Lillywhite 6-1,6-2

Winner Group 2 Charlotte Todd beat Runner up Group 1 Suzanne Harte 6-2,6-2


Lucy Wright v Charlotte Todd

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