Winter Tennis – Lights and Lockup

As the nights have now drawn in, the floodlights are being used far more at the club. We have seen a few incidents recently, with the lights being left on and the club main gate left open. 

Please can you make sure that you switch off your floodlights once you have finished unless someone is playing after you! 

If you are last to leave – ensure all floodlights are switched off across all courts, the clubhouse door is locked and the gate is closed securely behind you. 

You will need a key if you intend to play in the evening to be able to access the clubhouse to switch the lights on and off. Please get in touch with Angela Crossley (07793718701) to arrange getting a key. A £5 deposit is required for every key. 

Many Thanks
Wetherby Castlegarth LTC

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