York 3 Mixed Make Winning Debut

Our new team in York, the mixed York 3 outfit, began their debut season in York Division 10 with a game at Rufforth this evening. Conditions were ideal and with the hosts a lovely group the game was played in a marvellous spirit. It was nice to see some new faces on the scorecard too.

Suzanne Harte has been a good supporter of the in house events and tournaments we run but was finally persuaded to try her hand at league tennis and she didn’t disappoint. Paired with exciting Junior Gabe Mead, who has done well in Winter league and in house friendly matches, the duo looked superb all evening and certainly caught the eye. Suzanne was strong at the net whilst Gabe bossed the baseline and his strong positional play ensured he covered the court well and picked the right shot to often hit a winner off. The duo adopted perfect tactics and formed a great partnership and they were rewarded with an excellent 33 points on the evening. Suzanne claimed they would have got even more but for my constant talking with Kate Lewis from Rufforth on the side-lines but I had to remind her it wasn’t Wimbledon and anything goes at this level lol!!.

Nigel Sullivan can often be found at social and is an active member at Wetherby. He stepped up for this league encounter and was partnered by the exciting Laura Delafield whose bubbly character made her an ideal partner. Nigel is very crafty and canny at the net whilst Laura caught the eye with some big hitting from deep and her willingness to cover plenty of ground. The duo enjoyed their evening and a 20 point haul left them happy and smiling throughout.

Carole Womersley has been at Wetherby for many years and has played numerous matches in the Harrogate league mixed and ladies league games. She teamed up with another promising junior in Henry Brown who, like Gabe, has been a Winter league and inhouse regular. Henry has enjoyed a great junior campaign at Wetherby over the years and always gives everything on court. He enjoyed patrolling the baseline and was clinical when approaching the net whilst Carole produced moments of brilliance at the net and her short game ensured the pair were difficult to beat. They secured an impressive 24 points and helped Wetherby run out cosy winners 77-31.

A big thanks to Rufforth for hosting. The score line was harsh on their undoubted effort and they played with a smile and laughter during the evening and we wish them well for the rest of their season. Wetherby now host Sutton on Derwent 4 at Castlegarth on Friday July 9th and with the visitors having recorded two big victories themselves so far this season, a big challenge awaits.

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