Fun And Laughter At The Annual Quiz

The annual quiz, organised by Angela Crossley and Jo Coverdale, made a welcome return to the clubhouse on Saturday after its zoom debut last year. Six teams competed for the 2021 title and with high scoring there was little between them all evening. Once again Tim Coverdale was at the helm delivering the questions in his usual unique way that captivated the audience. Tim spends many hours preparing these well created contests and with themes and subtle clues throughout the evening, also showcased his vast knowledge along the way.

The recent improvements to the upstairs clubhouse were well received with new seating and large patio style doors along with the creation of a new kitchen area . Cooks Louise Williams and Jo Coverdale were delighted the new oven provided them with facilities to create their delicious supper and this was greatly received by the eager and hungry hordes! A special mention to Ladies star Christina Plant who conjured up an exceedingly delicious Lemon drizzle cake which would have put Mr Kipling himself in his place and this was well appreciated too.

The quiz questions were particularly challenging this year and certainly had the brain cells in full use. Some interesting and well-conceived picture sections lead to plenty of discussion and debate.

The Tom Harrington led ‘Toms Angels’ took the wooden spoon in sixth place although they were disadvantaged numerically in only having a quartet of competitors and battled away manfully throughout. Incredibly only eleven points separated the next four teams which confirmed the intriguing nature of the event with the coaching team taking fifth under the guise of ‘Quiztal Meth Addicts’. They seemed to fade after a strong opening but judging by the number of empty bottles on their table it was easy to see why !!. The ‘Dream Team’ were in good vocal form too and with Rachel and Paul Hill dictating matters, had a nice blend of youth and experience with Mark Bickers showing his quality too along with Helen Robinson and Sue Jacklin. They took fourth place.

The tension was now mounting as Tim excitingly set the scene and the three remaining teams waited with baited breath to see who had secured the bronze. It turned out to be ‘The Captions’ led superbly by Richard Whaley, who showed that not only is he an exceptional player on court, but also an extremely clever individual who astonished team mates with a wealth of information and was the star attraction on show.

Louise and Nigel Williams , Debbie and Mark Vines and Rachel and Mike Butterworth brought a huge amount of experience to the table and it was no surprise ‘Beautiful People’  took runners up but the worthy winners were ‘Randy Murray’ led by newcomer Jenny Wain and her family who certainly produced the goods with some exceptional high scoring and a vast array of knowledge involving a number of topics. They broke the 200 mark with a spectacular 209 and were crowned champions.

Congratulations to Jenny Wain and family who were deserved winners.

Great work as always from Tim Coverdale whose energy and humour ensured a tremendous success and enjoy your bottle of Jack Daniels sir.

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