Tennis Club Courts Flooded

Unfortunately with the recent heavy rain the club has suffered flooding so courts will be out of action until further notice.

Hopefully the Clubhouse will be unaffected and once the water levels recede we have contractors in place to commence a court clean

The morning after and the water remains high with the Clubhouse even breached. Once the levels clear we can start the clean up operation so any volunteer help greatly appreciated before we get the court cleaning contractors in thereafter thanks.

Monday afternoon and the water is clearing leaving debris on court and on the allotment areas.

Committee member Mike Butterworth even rescued a fish!

Plenty of mud and debris on court and the netting but thanks to Emma Youlden and Jo Coverdale who soon began filling the rubbish bags up.

Brad and Mike Triffitt along with camara shy Rachel Hill and Yvonne Mannall were seen in action this afternoon playing crucial roles.

Straight from the hairdressers and with her nails manicured, Debbie Vines was soon tackling the mud and debris and enjoying her afternoon!

Pride of place however must go to Sonya and Tony who were at the club almost six hours in a sterling effort which was greatly appreciated. Todays MVP’s for sure.

Thanks to everyone who came down and those not pictured who were down before me too including Tom Harrington who braved the rain!

Thanks to members and the coaching team for a great shift today and all those who have helped recently. The courts have been prepared for a professional jet wash on Thursday and Friday and massive progress has been made as you can see above. Looking forward to getting back to some tennis action shortly and will post further updates in due course.

Following a massive clean up effort by many at the club we are now in a position to open courts 2-5 inclusive Saturday morning. Silt needs to be removed from court 1 which opens from Sunday. Please avoid all muddy areas on the riverbank side and the Clubhouse will remain closed until Tuesday following a deep clean.

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