Start Of Month Sunday Social Event Report

Sunday May 1st we hosted our start of the month social tournament . Mike and Brad Triffitt were the organisers and a handy twelve players were on show. A series of mixed fun doubles with prizes for the winners and runners up!.

A dry afternoon as the players prepared for battle!

Fiona Chantrey bagged 13 points to take the runners up berth but congratulations to Suzanne Harte for recording an excellent 15 to take top spot. Enjoy your chocolate treats ladies!

A great effort from David Rhodes in the men’s section to secure runners up with 14 but a late run, in which he scored 7 in the final round, propelled men’s mixed HDTL second team captain Richard Franks to the summit with 15.
Brad and Mike Triffitt took charge of the pairings and organisation whilst thanks to Mel and Rupert Brown for their support and company on the sidelines whilst cheering on their two sons, Henry and George. They were too camera shy today to capture them though!

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