Annual Club Tournament 2022

With the summer league season starting to conclude across the various competitions, thoughts turn to our annual club Tournament. The finals day will be Sunday October 2nd and once again the five categories will be Men’s and Ladies singles, Men’s and ladies’ doubles and Mixed doubles.

This year to help competitors with arranging matches , players may choose own partners and enter together. For those wishing to enter the doubles individually that is fine and I will assist with partners. This proved popular during the lockdown and with time always at a premium, it felt a good idea to go down this particular route once more.

The format is a knockout competition with matches the first to win two sets. If one set each a third set tiebreaker to 10 is played unless all players agree to play a full third set.

Therefore, if players can contact Tournament organiser Mike Triffitt on 07508 057744, WhatsApp, text or even a phone call and he will collect entries and publish a draw. If entries can be made quickly and preferably before Monday August 8th, this will help with the organising and allow a little more flexibility arranging matches.

Many thanks

Mike Triffitt

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