As we approach the end of the year and the season draws swiftly to a close,
We felt there should be a few words spoken to thank Mike for his prose.
Many matches come and go with results sour and sweet,
So to sit back and read his reports is certainly something of a treat!

Up until the early hours, writing about outcomes of many a game,
So real and exciting it’s hard to believe, nobody has yet found fame.
Shots from the baseline and volleys at the net,
Tough games and points won, just to complete the first set.

In his laid back style, he arranges friendlies and fills gaps in a team,
He must finish at the computer of a night, with his mind in a dream.
Walking on court dressed in a York City shirt, hes always up for the job,
He serves down aces but cant ever resist playing the famous “Triff Lob.”

So just  to say thanks for your time sir and look forward to next year,
Competing with you and against you as well as sharing the odd beer.
From the doubles and mixed team players together with coaches alike,
We appreciate your efforts this year and say thanks again Mike!

Written by Greg Vince

Boston Spa Tennis Club!

Dear Members

You will be aware of the offer of support from Boston Spa to use their fantastic facilities whilst ours are unavailable. I have recently received a further offer for you to join in Boston Spa sessions if WCTC members wish to. Of course, you are still welcome to play singles or doubles as individuals. Certainly, a group of die-hard WCTC members are doing their best to continue the 2pm Sunday social sessions at Boston Spa.

Thurs mornings are not available to WCTC members, but the rest of the time should be fine. Note, that if the intention is to play at night, members will need tokens to operate the floodlights. These cost £2 for 30 min and are available from Alistair Rattray (07770 743421) or Angela (07793 718701)

Actions at reinstating our own facilities are in hand, and the Committee will continue to communicate our progress. We expect further clarity on timescales and funding at the end of next week.


Stephen Jones

Chairman – Wetherby Tennis Club

07791 428641

Tennis Club Shindig….

Dear Member

Join us for a great evening of fun, music and laughter at the Clubhouse on Saturday 23rd January at 7.30pm

£6.00 per head including nibbles and Pizza. (bring your own booze)

Just turn up. It would be great to see you all.

If you require any further information please contact Trish Bell on 01937 585 663 or myself on 07929 371 027

Kind regards

Janine & the Committee of WLTC

Firemen to the rescue!

Our utmost thanks to Wetherby Fire Service who came yesterday to help clean our tennis courts. With an army of helpers from the tennis club and a lot of water we managed to get the courts looking more suitable for playing tennis on rather than a well soiled allotment! The club is very thankful for the community support at this difficult time.

Boxing day floods…

By now you will be aware that our tennis club was hit by an unprecedented level of flood damage as shown on the attached photos. The water was well over the top of the netting and the clubhouse was flooded. On Monday morning 28th Dec we are asking for anyone that can come and lend a hand with mops, buckets, brooms etc to start clearing the inside of the clubhouse which was 2 ft deep in water. With regard to the courts I am afraid that will take a little longer. We do have insurance cover in place and will be following due process with the insurers.

In the meantime our friends at Boston Spa have kindly offered the use of their courts in the interim period until we can get ourselves up and running again which may take some time.
You will need an access code which can be obtained from Steve Jones or Angela Crossley should you wish to play. Thank you for treating Boston Spa Courts respectfully.

Club News!

The Committee plus other volunteers are currently working hard on seeking funding for some substantial club developments. All 5 courts will be resurfaced this year but we are also hoping to be able to do some clubhouse developments along the way! We will keep you posted!!!

Head Coach Wins National Award

Head Coach – Angela Crossley received Aegon Coach of the Year Award – May ’14. Angela Crossley – Club Coach of the Year Award LTA Club Coach of the Year 2014. She attended a presentation ceremony at National Tennis Centre, London and was given the award by Judy Murray. This is a fantastic achievement for Angela and a reflection of all her hard work at the club and others that she works with.

Aegon Coach of the Year Awards - May '14. Angela Crossley - Club Coach of the Year