Chairman Steve Jones 07791 428641
Match Secretary Jill Abel 07946 518948
Secretary Mike Butterworth  07740 773757
Head Coach Angela Crossley 07793 718701
Welfare Officer Jo Coverdale 07446 111596
Treasurer Mick Abel 07773 169775

Committee Member Declan Grogan 07802 188111

Committee Member Charlotte Todd 07805 240132
Committee Member Roger Fawcus 07736 7326838
Committee Member Mike Triffitt 07508 057744
Committee Member Adam Turner 07793 031184

If you would like to contact any of the above via email please use

3 thoughts on “Committee

  1. I would like to become a member of the Wetherby tennis club with my son (who will be 7yrs next month)

    I am interested in what evenings are available , what’s on for children and whether it’s possible to have private lessons?


  2. I just move up to the area live to join in one of your social meetings to play more tennis please , any chance someone to play with because I am single and my family don’t play but looking for a partner to have a game with during the weekend


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