Contact Us

Wetherby Castlegarth Tennis Club

Castlegarth Grange

Scott Lane


LS22 6LH


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4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi guys, just a thought, but is it worthwhile including directions on the club website? I appreciate we now have signs on the main road and “I” know how to find the club but I’m aware people who have never been before may struggle to find it. On a number of occasions I have found directions on other club websites very useful.

    Google Maps is great when you are sitting in the comfort of your own home, but isn’t much use when you’re stuck on a busy road trying to remember which way to turn! In this case, a print out of the directions from the club website would be useful. Just a thought!

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    • If you just copy and paste the email address into your browser it will work thanks. Cheers Mike Triffitt – Committee Member and Website manager.


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