Wetherby  Castlegarth Tennis Club: Information For Team Captains

Team captains should demonstrate good communication and organisational skills and play at an appropriate standard for that squad. Being a captain is not a way of ensuring a squad place. Once appointed team captains have the following responsibilities.

1. Squad selection . Squad size for all teams will be of 8 players.

Captains will be given a list of members who have completed the team selection form stating a wish to play team tennis and their availability.

Captains of Harrogate, York and Leeds league teams should contact the respective players and offer at least TWO dates for selection trials.

Trials should be conducted in a timely fashion with respect to the commencement of league matches.

All team captains should set a meeting date for squad selection.

Once a player has been selected for any squad, should they decline the place they will go on the reserve list.

Captains should confirm their squads in a timely fashion. The captain of the higher team should contact the team captain of the lower team to allow swift progression of the process. This is especially relevant for mixed teams.

Once ALL squads have been confirmed then lists can be published on the club website and in the clubhouse.

Ensure squad members have paid their subscriptions .

2. League Matches

Team selection-

To be responsible for team selection from your squad. Once chosen, a member of the squad who is available for play must not be replaced by another member from outside the squad unless the squad member withdraws.

In the event of player shortages, first consult the reserve list for an appropriate player, then liase with other captains for free and untied players.

It should only be in exceptional circumstances that a team player plays more than one mixed match or mens/ladies match in a week.

Display team sheets on clubhouse notice board one week prior to match day. Captains may agree to communicate via e-mail .The aim is to ensure all are aware of which players are free to be approached to act as a reserve in a given week.

Home matches

Ensure new balls are available and nets correct height. Trish Bell will give all captains enough balls for the season prior to the first match.

Complete scorecard and send to League match secretary.

Be aware of the rules for matches in your League.

Collect match fees (£1.50) for both home and away matches and pay all match fees to the club treasurer no later than one week from the season ending.

Co-ordinate refreshments and travel.

Cancelled/Postponed matches: (please set new date asap after cancellation)

Notify club match secretary (Jill Abel) of any change in fixtures and date of rescheduling. Inform League match secretary of new date.

For information on team selection please contact coach Angela Crossley ,match secretary Jill Abel or club secretary Jeremy Reddish.

Head Coach Angela Crossley 07793 718701 acrossley@ac-tenniscoaching.co.uk

Match Secretary Jill Abel 07946 518948 abelmikea10@aol.com

Club Secretary Jeremy Reddish 07771597180 Jeremy_reddish@hotmail.co.uk

Dear member ,

The team selection form is now available to complete . Available on the website and a few copies in the clubhouse .


Captains now chosen and all forms returned thankyou

Please do contact me if you would like to discuss any aspect of team tennis.

Regards Jill Abel

Match secretary

Team Selection

 2017 Adult Team Squads 

Mens 1st Team Mens 2nd Team Mens 3rd Team Ladies 1st Team Ladies 2nd Team Ladies 3rd Team
 Roger Fawcus (Captain)  Mike Park (Captain) Mike Triffitt


 Yvonne Mannall (Captain)  Fiona Chantrey


 Bev Lyn (Captain)
 Mike Butterworth  Sam Moore  Mark Lawson  Angela Crossley  Trish Bell  Anne Lillywhite
 Josh Bayliss  Mick Abel  Paul Archer  Helen Robinson  Angie Bell  Katie Barrett
 Paul Godden  Nick Lumb  David Rhodes  Lucy Wright  Rachel Butterworth  Cathryn Keighley
 Nigel Williams  Steve Crossley  Barry Johnson  Rachel Hill  Jill Abel  Ann Jones
 Tom Warburton  Mike Connolly  Tom Pearson  Sue Perkins  Marise Richfield
 Jeremy Reddish  Luke Green  Ollie Newsome  Sue Jacklin  Louise Williams
 Rob Payne  Ollie Boyes-Park  Marc Bickers  Charlotte Todd  Debbie Vines
York 1 Mixed Harrogate 1 Mixed York 2 Mixed Harrogate 2 Mixed Harrogate 3 Mixed
 Angela Crossley (Captain)  Sue Jacklin (Captain)  Jill Abel  (Captain )  Barry Johnson (Captain)  Ian Teasdale (Captain)
 Becky Jones  Helen Robinson  Angie Bell  Mike Triffitt  Doug Harrison
 Yvonne Mannall  Rachel Hill  Trish Bell  Greg Vince  Walter Skubiak
 Charlotte Todd  Lucy Wright  Rachel Butterworth  Mike Richards  David Rhodes
 Jeremy Reddish  Nigel Williams  Mick Abel  Louise Williams  Katy Barrett
 David Corbyn  Marc Bickers  Kevin Duckenfield  Fiona Chantrey  Anne Lillywhite
 Steve Jones  Mike Butterworth  Stuart Robinson  Dawn Steel  Ann Jones
 Josh Bayliss  Paul Archer  Sam Moore  Debbie Vines  Judith Crossley

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